Our goal is simple:

Increase the number of those who complete their student financial aid in the greater Houston region. Help us help you!

To fill out the TASFA application, you will need:

  • HB 1403/ SB 1528 Residency Affidavit with Registration and Academic Records​

  • TASFA Application (found via www.collegeforalltexans.com) ​

  • Student’s and Parent’s Tax Return Transcripts or Cash Earnings Report

  • Copy of Selective Service Registration Card (if applicable)

  • Breakdown of Family Expenses (if applicable)​​

 ** Note – Additional documents may be required to complete the TASFA application 

What is the TASFA?

​TASFA is an acronym that stands for Texas Application for State Financial Aid.

The TASFA was created for students who do not have a Social Security Number, are not eligible for federal student aid, and are, therefore, not able to electronically submit the FAFSA application. 

Qualifying students: Students who are not U.S. citizens, U.S. legal permanent residents, or eligible non-citizens who don’t qualify for federal financial assistance to pay for college.

Students are eligible to receive various forms of student financial assistance under HB 1403/ SB 1528 and DACA.